Europe’s Flirtiest Hotspots

Flirtiest Hotspots

We’re finally waking up from our winter slumbers, dusting off our bottles of cologne and venturing beyond the 100 metres to our nearest bus stop. Summer’s in full swing which means there’s really no excuse not to get outside to meet and mingle with the locals. We were keen to delve a little deeper into Europe’s dating scene… So, with the help of Europe’s bachelors and bachelorettes, and some research from few dating apps, we’ve found Berlin, Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Antwerp to be Europe’s best hookup hubs. But in these sprawling metropolises, it can be an overwhelming task pinpointing the best places to meet people. We’ve enlisted the help of seasoned travellers, bloggers and natives to find the ultimate flirting hotspots.

Berlin romantic city


Tanja‘s a Berlin-based blogger with an interest in all things fashion, art and lifestyle. She’s got a deep connection with the city, having seen its transformation over the past few decades. Here are her tips on how to explore Berlin’s dating scene…

Head up to the terrace of the Monkey Bar in the recently opened Bikini Haus for incredible views of Berlin’s skyline – a topic which makes for an easy conversation-starter. An international choice of drinks, regular DJs and an idyllic location: it’s the perfect way to ease your way into a night.

Floating in the waters of the River Spree, against the backdrop of the TV Tower and the Oberbaumbrücke, is the Arena Badeschiff, one of best located pools in Europe. The beach bar’s the ultimate spot to catch those summer vibes: grab a drink, watch the setting sun and get chatting with the locals.

The M10 tram route which connects the central Mitte district with the hip Kreuzberg neighbourhood is lined with bars and clubs. On a given weekend night you’ll meet half of Berlin’s nightlife riding around the trams and metro, and the later it gets, the more forthcoming the fellow passengers.

You can find a really great park in pretty much any given district in Berlin, but the Volkspark Friedrichshain is perhaps the most beautiful. Whether you’re barbecuing with friends, going for a light jog, walking your dog, perfecting your yoga moves or enjoying a beer, it’s brimming with great opportunities to meet new people.

Opened in 2002, Strandbar Mitte is the mother of all beach bars. The evening dances are particularly popular so find yourself a partner and salsa/tango/cha cha cha late into the night.

Barcelona romantic get away


Xipo began writing his blog in 2010 whilst on Erasmus in Brussels. What started as a way to pass a rainy afternoon developed into a method of documenting his many travels and the people he met along the way. Having been born in Zaragoza and lived there a number of years, he is an expert on great flirting spots in nearby Barcelona. Here are his top tips for places to hit on hotties.

The Eclipse (currently closed for renovation) is a rooftop bar where you should dress to impress to ensure entry. It’s spacious, chic, and overlooks the sea, offering a perfect backdrop to for your perfected pick-up lines.

Cinema a la fresca al Castell de Montjuïc is an open air cinema next to a castle. Screenings usually begin at 9pm, however get here early at around 6:30 as the locals do, in order to get a good space. You can bring your own food and drink and, as everyone sits on the floor, it’s even easier to lean across and get chatting to your neighbour.

Gràcia is Barcelona’s hippest neighbourhood, so if second-hand clothes, glasses, and facial hair float your boat, this is the place to be. There are a lot of public squares with chilled but chic bars and terraces, perfect for cooling off from the Spanish sun.

The Parc de la Ciutadella may be the most romantic park in Barcelona, but besides the couples, there are always groups of people socialising and lazing around on the grass. This is an ideal location to go on a first date or an excellent spot to meet new people.


Veteran Lonely Planet author and all-round travel expert, Alex is currently living in London and blogging on travel, philosophy and the meaning of life. She shared with us her favourite places to go in London for a spot of flirting.

On a rainy or overcast day in London (so, approximately 11 months a year) nothing beats a stroll through the historic marina of St. Katherine’s Docks: tucked away from the rest of the capital. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from the Tower Bridge but really feels like a coastal village. When Alex first moved there, her boyfriend took her to his old local pub, the eighteenth century Dickens Inn and scored major romantic points.

Not only is there an abundance of sexy French and Italian farmers to flirt with, but thousands of hip foodie Londoners who hang out there at the weekends. Borough Market is the largest and most well-known, Broadway Market in Hackney is popular with the techie and hipster crowd, and the eclectic Camden Markets are where you can find a whole wonderful mix of characters.

London is notorious for being a difficult place to meet people, what with the British weather and stiff upper lip thing. One place Londoners do loosen up is in salsa clubs or dancing classes. One of Alex’s favorite spots is the funky and always lively Floripa, a Brazilian restaurant and bar with a constant stream of live DJs or bands.

The noise and chaos of London can be overwhelming, so having dozens of parks where you can escape makes all the difference. You can go rowing on the Serpentine in Hyde Park; kiss under the wisteria-covered pergola in London’s version of the countryside, Hampstead Heath; or catch one of about 12.9 million free or low-cost outdoor events in any of the parks.

In the winter, London opens about a half-dozen outdoor skating rinks (usually November to February). A perfect spot for a first date, the ice rinks are all in dramatic, and usually historic, settings. She’d recommend the moat at the Tower of London and the rink in front of the grandiose National History Museum. But if you’re in the business to meet a charming young professional, hit the ice covered banking and business centre of Canary Wharf.


Jarmo hails from Finland but has travelled extensively, creating his blog and publishing his photos along the way. Here are some of his recommendations for exploring the Dutch capital…

Make like a local and cycle around the city, particularly to the popular hangouts of the Flower Market and Vondelpark. While at the market pick out a perfect bouquet with the intention of using it to woo that someone special. Vondelpark is always teeming with groups of people socialising and hanging out, particularly on a warm summer’s day.

Going on a tour brings not only the opportunity to learn about the area, but also the chance to meet some new faces – other tourists looking for a holiday romance, perhaps? There’s also plenty to talk about with other travellers, such as where they’re going or where they have been, which offer themselves as some great ice-breakers.

Amsterdam is well known for its improv, and its many english language comedy performances lend themselves well as flirting hot spots. Venues such as Boom Chicago are perfect places to chat to prospective partners during the acts. Laughter has such powerful emotional ties so these places lend themselves well to meeting new people.

Amsterdam offers plenty of amazing places to begin a first date. The candlelit restaurant Van Kerkwijk offers some of the best Dutch food you’ll ever taste. There is no menu; you can find out the day’s specials from one of the two sisters who run the restaurant.

To finish off a hard day’s flirting, the Hotel Pulitzer is a perfect place to crash. The accommodation is a maze of 17th century canal houses which have been converted into a luxury hotel. If you’re planning to impress someone you’ve wooed back to your room, make sure it’s one of the low beamed ones on the top floor. From these, you can hear the local church bells.


Nicolas had lived in Paris all his life, and after having only briefly visited Spain and the UK whilst growing up, wanted the opportunity to see more of the globe. He started his travel blog to document his discoveries! His flirt advice below details hotspots in his native city, a location synonymous with love and romance.

Le Pont des Arts is probably the most legendary place for lovers. Couples from around the world come to attach a lock to the bridge before throwing the key into the Seine. The spot is also a great place to enjoy a romantic view of Saint Michel and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Although these are traditional areas for couples, don’t underestimate their potential for meeting someone new… with all the romance in the air, the loved up vibes are contagious.

Ile Saint Louis is in the heart of Paris opposite the Ile de la Cité. It is a natural island with many shops and cafes, perfect for hanging out and people-watching and meeting potential partners. Share a scoop at La Maison Berthillon; a delightful ice cream shop found on the island that creates up to 15 different flavours each day.

Hop on one of the boats on the river Seine for a romantic evening drifting past see the sights of Paris.

The Sacré Cœur and the Montmartre district is very popular with lovers because of its many parks, souvenir shops, and picturesque walks. For a first date, hop aboard a romantic boat ride along the Seine to have a romantic evening and see the many sites of Paris.

What could be better than kissing opposite the Eiffel Tower, the Champs de Mars and the Seine? Contemplate one of the most beautiful views of Paris on the esplanade du Trocadéro. The romantic atmosphere is rather infectious.


Giada aka Sir Koala Londinese is a travel blogger who started writing a few years back when she sparked an interest in London and moved across to the British capital, but here are a couple of her favourite spots to let loose in the city she grew up.

Surrounded by the sweet perfume of oranges and incredible views of the Roman skyline, it’d be nigh on impossible not to get yourself in the mood from the Giardino degli Aranci (Garden of Oranges). Find a spot on the terrace overlooking the Tiber River – it’s a favourite spot among the Romans.

Some of Rome’s most interesting people can be found in the lively and dynamic bars that line the Trastevere, Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna squares and plazas. Swing by in the evening for some drinks to get the conversation flowing.

Looking to impress with a romantic first date? Pack a picnic and go for a stroll around the delightful landscape garden, Villa Borghese. Find a secluded spot in the shade and get to know each a little better.

The Galleria Boghese is a gem of a museum if you’re looking to spark an unconventional romance while contemplating the ins and outs of Tiziano’s “Amor sacro e Amor profano”.

What more iconic spot to relax one evening than by the Trevi Fountain? The fountain is a popular meeting spot among the locals, so pack a few beers and, if all else fails, throw in a coin and maybe you’ll finally get lucky.


The Lisbon experts behing the Go Lisbon blog gave us some insight into the best spots for romance in the Portuguese capital…

If you’re looking for a little romance to fuel a first date, Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara, also known as Bairro Alto’s viewpoint, is a lovely garden-terrace which boasts impressive views out across the picturesque landscape.

The Tropical Garden is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital’s crowds and ideal spot for a first kiss in the nature.

The Miradouro da Graça is a hub of activity; popular among both locals and travellers alike for relaxing, chatting and, of course, flirting. The hike up from Chiado to the top is rewarded with a cool drink from the kiosk which stays open late into the night during the summer months.

Another great hangout with spectacular views and a relaxed atmosphere is the Miraduoro das Portas do Sol. The terrace is particularly bustling on Fridays and Saturdays, when regular DJs play live music.

If you want to connect with some of the locals, be sure you avoid the tourist-packed tram 28 and hop aboard the 25. Just muster up the courage to chat with your fellow traveller, being sure to keep your eyes peeled for a great bar you might pass on route.


Elena Pandolfi has travelled extensively throughout Europe, covering exciting clubs and cultural attractions. Here is her guide to Antwerps best flirt spots.

Her first recommended charming hot spot is the Grote Markt, an ancient and very romantic square in this beautiful Belgian city. It’s a must-visit for travellers to the area, meaning it’s nice and busy, with a bustling atmosphere. There are many cafes and terraces here, ideal for sitting back, people-watching, and striking up conversation.

The ancient section of Willemdok harbour is one of the most romantic destinations in the city. Heaps of restaurants and cafes lie around the water’s edge.

Vlaeykensgang is a picturesque white-washed alley dating back to the 16th century. These dwellings were once occupied by cobblers and clockringers, but these days the winding streets are an extremely popular tourist attraction. There are high end restaurants in this area, which complete the scene as the perfect place to get to better get to know your date.

Het Steen (Antwerp Castle) is a fully intact castle, which is mesmerising when lit at night. Situated directly by the sea, the moon reflects romantically off of the water, which makes it perfect for a first date late night stroll.

One of the most affluent areas of the city is The Diamond District, comprising of several road networks covering an area of about one square mile. This makes it the largest diamond centre in the world with dozens of high class retail outlets selling diamonds. The area also contains 4 stock exchanges for the precious stones, with the biggest being Beurs voor Diamanthandel. Finally, those who may not be able to afford one of these rocks can still learn about them in the Diamond Museum. The sight of these sparklers gets most visitors excited, friendly and approachable.