Top 5 European Honeymoon Destinations

European Honeymoon Destinations

Paris may be renowned throughout the world as the city of love, but the majority of the European continent also, to a certain extent, shares in this mystique. I’ve already listed a couple of ideas for honeymooning in the US but, if your budget allows it, a trip to Europe could be the icing on the cake.

While the distance from the US to Europe is relatively far, it’s important to remember that almost the entirety of continental Europe can fit into the state Texas. It is totally possible to combine any of these suggestions into one larger trip, or mini-European tour. Many US visitors are surprised at how cheap inter-European travel can be, and there are providers available to lighten the load by comparing bus, train and flight schedules, helping you find the quickest and cheapest route and plan a perfect Euro getaway.


When you imagine Greece, images similar to the island of Santorini are likely to spring to mind. And with good reason; The contrast of the white buildings and the sparkling blue water is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one who thinks so, and the island can be quite crowded with tourists during peak season. If you’re looking for something a little bit more secluded but with similarly beautiful scenery, research the island of Kythira. Rent accomodation in Mylopotamos and walk the city’s charming streets before winding your way to the scenic waterfall just outside of town.

island of Kythira
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Venice is a must see if you’re intending on an Italian getaway tour. The canals and gondolas are the epitome of a romantic city backdrop. The city is of course charming but the year round throngs of tourists may take away from the special time you’re hoping to have. Visit Venice, but for the long-term make your way along to the Amalfi Coast. 4 small and scenic resort towns – Positano, Sorento, Amalfi itself and Ravello – on Italy’s southern shores are the ideal place to relax and enjoy your newlywed bliss in seclusion and style.


A little trio of towns in South-Western Spain make a perfect honeymoon destination. Travel between Seville, Cordoba and Granada for a glimpse at the influence of the Moors in Spanish culture. Cordoba’s famous cathedral, amazing food and shopping in Seville and one of Europe’s most breathtaking castles – The Alhambra – in Granada bring the perfect balance of attractions and relaxation. Use one of them as your home base and then make a couple of day trips to the others.

The alhambra castle
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Start your trip to Portugal in Lisbo. The Sao Jorge Castle and the Ponte 25 Bridge take center stage here, and their historical flair lends an Old World charm to the entire city. Best of all, Lisbon is only a short bus ride away from Sintra, home to one of Europe’s best hidden gems: the Monserrate Palace and Gardens. The architecture is stunning, and you will lose yourself in the secret passageways and hidden doors.


France’s beauty and charm is world-renowned and despite their reputation French people are not all unfriendly. If you’re looking for something a little less run-of-the-mill than your typical Parisian tour, make your way to the South West of France – Nice, Montpellier and Carcasonne are all beautiful and worth seeing. You cannot beat Nice’s location, with relaxing beaches and historical attractions. And as every honeymoon should include a healthy dose of overindulgence, be sure to sample the abundance of fresh food and delicious wine on offer.